Golden Age Lipstick Single-coil Pickup Instructions

Wiring diagrams


How to wire for a great tone!

Golden Age Lipstick Pickups feature waxed poly-coated coil wire wound on
Alnico 5 bar magnets, encased in iconic chrome-plated metal tubes. This fully shielded design sized for easy installation in modern guitars.

Pickup height adjustment
To adjust the height of your pickups, fret a note at your highest fret. Measure between the string and the pickup: you want a gap of about 1/8" at the low E string, and about 3/32" at the high E string. Experiment to find the best output balance between neck and bridge pickups.

All wiring diagrams are viewed from the back of the pickguard.

Simple volume/tone circuits

Single-coil / Single-coil / Single-coil
Traditional Strat® wiring with master volume and two tone controls, using a CRL brand lever switch (3-way or 5-way).

Single-coil / Single-coil / Single-coil
Just two controls: master volume and master tone.

Single-coil / Single-coil / Humbucker
With CRL 5-way switch. At switch position 4 (bridge/middle), the humbucker is coil-cut.

Humbucker / Single-coil / Humbucker
With the switch in the positions 2 (neck/middle) and 4 (bridge/middle pickups) the humbuckers are coil-cut.

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