Free-Way Switch

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Explore the possibilities of a 6-position toggle switch. Coil tap, 3-pickups, piezo activation... you decide!

Video Transcription

[on-screen text reads: Free-Way Switch]

[3D illustration of the free-way switch is shown]

[on-screen text reads: Complex pickup configurations - from a single switch. Revolutionary dual action. 3 classic tones on one side. 3 specialist tones on the other side. Almost infinite possibilities...]

First position: Neck Humbucker

[on-screen text reads: Free-Way Switch in action. 3D illustration of guitar is shown. First position - Neck Humbucker. Guitar is played.]

Second position: Neck & bridge

[on-screen text reads: Second position - Neck & Bridge. Guitar is played.]

Third position: Bridge humbucker

[on-screen text reads: Third position - Bridge Humbucker. Guitar is played.]

Fourth position: Humbuckers out of phase

[on-screen text reads: Fourth position - Humbuckers out of phase. Guitar is played.]

Fifth position: Single coils in parallel

[on-screen text reads: Fifth position - Single coils in parallel. Guitar is played.]

Sixth position: Bridge single coil

[on-screen text reads: Sixth position - Bridge single coil. Guitar is played.]

[Quickly retro-fitted (basic soldering skills required). All switching functions in one place. Available in gold or nickel finish with standard black or cream toggle tips.]

[Free-Way switch, expand the natural tone of your guitar]



StewMac Tech Team

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