CTS Push-Pull Pot Diagram SPST

Typical Jimmy Page Les Paul wiring setup using the SPST CTS Push-Pull Pot.


CTS Push-Pull Pot Wiring Diagram

The SPST CTS Push-pull Pots allow you to coil-cut the bridge pickup using a push-pull tone control. The other feature is that in the middle position of the pickup selector, the bridge pickup is out-of-phase with the neck pickup.

In this setup, all pots are 500K-ohm. The bridge humbucker cannot be a 2-conductor pickup. The pickup must have a 3 or 4 conductor wire, plus a shield or bare wire. Follow your pickup manufacturer's specs, and wire the series-link (coil-cut) to the push-pull pot as shown in the diagram. Connect the bare wire and the typical "hot" wire to ground (typically the back of the volume pot). Then wire the typical ground wire to the input lug of the bridge pickup volume control. This should give you an out of phase sound in the middle position. If not, simply reverse the bridge pickup's hot and ground wires.

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