Chasing Tone? Swapping Amp Vacuum Tubes

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It's surprisingly simple to swap out your amp's tubes for something different. Tech Matt Clouston walks you through how to change tubes yourself.

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Upgrade your amplifier with new tube sets!

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Matt Clouston: So I saw an ad for this seventies Twin Reverb. It said, "Has all original tubes." All original tubes in an amp are a lot like buying a used car with all original tires. As your tubes break down, your guitar starts to sound muddy and anemic. Hear that clinking sound. This tube is microphonic. If they're noisy or microphonic, they should have been changed a long time ago. And it's not just age that causes tubes to break down, it's frequent use too. The harder you drive your amp, the faster your tubes will wear down. New tubes will get your amp's original sound back. StewMac's got Replacement Tube Sets for dozens of different amp models, including this one. You can actually make your amps sound better than new by upgrading to tubes with higher quality specs than the factory originals. We've got individual tubes too, so if you just need a set of power tubes, we've got you covered.



Matt Clouston

StewMac Guitar Builder and Tech

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