'66 Brit-74X 18W Amp Kit Instructions

Downloadable assembly instructions for the '66 Brit-74X amp kit.


These instructions were written for a kit that is no longer available, but you can still order many of the parts and supplies separately. See the Parts List in the instructions for details. StewMac has more amp kits to choose from: Shop Amp Kits

These immersive instructions walk you through every step of creating your '66 Brit-74X. And you'll learn a lot, gaining a deep knowledge of your amp's inner workings.

Follow our steps closely for safety, too: we've carefully laid out a path that even newcomers can follow in handling electrical components.

Building an amp can seem daunting, but nobody makes it easier than StewMac. Watch for helpful tips along the way, too—we're here to help!

66 Brit 74X amp kit instructions