Laskin's Engraving Filler Instructions

How to use Laskin's Engraving Filler.


Special Blend Filler sticks are intended for use by engravers of shell (Mother-of-pearl, Abalone, etc.) and metals. Its unique composition helps it fill and adhere to even the shallowest of hairline graver cuts.


1. Using the special Blend Filler exactly as it comes, rub it across the engraving cuts until the entire cavity is well filled.

2. Wipe away the excess with a fresh paper towel or other "Stiff" cloth. Softer cloth or facial tissues tend to dig into the cut and not leave the filler as "sheared off" as desired.

3. Touch up any visible cuts that were overlooked or not entirely filled.

4. Final "scuff" sand the inlay with no coarser a paper than 320 grit and gently wipe clean.

Filled engravings on the fretboard are subjected to wear and tear from strings and fingers, which could eventually dig the filler out of the shallow lines. For this reason, really elaborate engravings are often located away from the most commonly played positions on the neck. A coat of finish will help preserve them, too.

Apply a Finish:

To ensure adhesion of the finish topcoats, a sealer is required. A flexible Vinyl Sealer is best, but any sealer compatible with your finish, especially on that is recommended for use with metals, will serve the purpose.

Spray 3-4 coats (based on a typical 25% solids rating), let dry for a minimum of 24 hours (a few days is better), scuff sand with 180 or 220 grit, and proceed with topcoats as usual. Take care not to sand through the sealer. If your sanding block or your sanding pressure appears uneven, play it safe and rough the remaining areas with extra-fine steel wool.

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