Benedetto Fingerrest

How to install a Benedetto Fingerrest.


As an old time instrument of years gone by, the archtop guitar was strummed heavily using a hard tortoise shell or plastic pick. On many of the older archtop guitars, the strings were closer to the top, a result of the neck being fitted deeper into the body. The pickguard was made to protect the guitar top from the pick as the player strummed. With the less aggressive playing styles of today's more refined musicians,the pickguard has become more useful as a "fingerrest," or reference point for the player's right hand.

It is recommended that the installation of the fingerrest be done by a qualified technician.

Benedetto fingerrest side view
Benedetto fingerrest end view

The ebony block must be drilled and epoxied to the underside of the fingerrest, as illustrated. The fingerrest is then fastened to the guitar with the two screws provided, which thread into properly drilled holes in the side of the neck extension.

The small felt block should be loosely fitted and glued to the underside of the fingerrest. The felt block lightly makes contact with the top of the guitar, and will prevent the fingerrest from flexing.

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