Benedetto Archtop Tailpiece Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for the Benedetto Archtop Tailpiece.


It is recommended the tailpiece be installed by a qualified guitar or violin technician.

1 Fit a bone saddle as illustrated. The saddle should measure 1" in length and be fitted flush with the body binding on all sides. It is important to round over the edge of the saddle.

2 With a Benedetto tailpiece fastener attached to the tailpiece, loop the fastener around the ebony endpin or endpin jack. NOTE: Do not glue either the ebony endpin or electric endpin jack into the tailblock. String tension alone holds the endpin (ebony or electric jack), tailpiece, and bridge in place. If the endpin jack is used, first fill the threads with epoxy. After the epoxy is fully cured, file flush with the threads and slide the endpin jack into the tailblock. (Do not use the nut and washer provided with the endpin jack.) See illustrations A and B.

Illustration "A" shows the Benedetto tailpiece fastener looped around the brass button of the endpin jack.
Illustration "B" accommodates a shoulder strap. Note how the Benedetto tailpiece fastener loops around the epoxy-filled threaded shaft of the endpin jack. The brass button is now free to accept a shoulder strap.

3 Install the two outside E strings (1st and 6th). With the two outside strings holding the tailpiece and bridge in position, install the remaining four strings and tune to pitch.

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