Waverly Planetary 5th Peg

How to install a Waverly Planetary 5th String Peg.


This peg requires a tapered 5th string peghole. The peghole for a standard, non-geared peg (friction peg) usually must be slightly enlarged. To avoid cracking the neck, use our #0618 5th Peg Reamer.

To install, remove the tension screw, plastic knob, and spring washers from the peg shaft. Notice that the string post is accessible from two sides of the peg. Position the peg so that one of the access slots faces upward toward the banjo's fingerboard. Place a wooden spool or a banjo bracket wrench over the knob shaft, and gently tap with a lightweight hammer to drive the peg into the peghole until the two "stops" on the peg touch the neck. Reassemble the peg.

Important: The string should be cut to length before installing it in the peg (about 1" to 1-1/2" excess length is sufficient).

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