Flame Ambrosia Maple Laminated Top - 058

  • WAA5QE|058
  • Acer saccharinum
  • Unsanded
  • Electric
Flame Ambrosia Maple Laminated Top - 058 Item # WAA5QE|058
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Flame Ambrosia Maple Laminated Top - 058

With a completely unique look, strong tone, and response you know, Ambrosia Maple will give your next build a bold custom aesthetic.

The minimum dimensions of each bookmatched half is approximately:
19" x 6-1/2" x 0.190" (483mm x 165mm x 4.8mm)

Ambrosia Maple, Acer saccharinum
While Ambrosia Maple shares the same species with other well-known Maple tonewoods, it's the look that sets this wildly uncommon wood apart from quilted or flamed varieties. The one-of-a-kind patterning is the result of tunneling by tiny Ambrosia Beetles. Fungus that grows in the tunnels causes beautiful streaks of blue, gray, and brown. The beetles and fungus don't affect the structural integrity of the wood, and the drying process terminates any remaining beetles or fungus.

Used for both lam tops and carved tops, Ambrosia Maple is an excellent wood both for its workability and tonal properties. It works well with hand or power tools, and is an excellent choice for any building method. Care must be taken on highly figured pieces to limit chip out, but razor-sharp cutters and light passes usually prevent these issues.

When finishing, Ambrosia Maple is extremely versatile—the options are limitless. There may be small holes left from the beetles, but they are easily filled. Like most maples, it finishes easily and looks beautiful under any stain or translucent color. We find it's easy to highlight the colored streaks to compliment the top and elevate your build to the next level.


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