Lost Tunnel Redwood AAA Soundboard for Guitar - 008

  • 103670|008
  • Sequoia sempervirens
  • Unsanded
  • Dreadnought



Lost Tunnel Redwood AAA Soundboard for Small Guitar - 008 Item # 103670|008
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Lost Tunnel Redwood AAA Soundboard for Guitar - 008

Don’t miss your chance to add a few sets of these incredibly rare and special tops to your tonewood collection. Inspired by the legendary Redwood of Tunnel 13 and 14, renowned luthiers Butch Boswell and Adam Mendel went on the hunt to find more deep in the California wilderness. 

We've been fortunate to secure a handful of AAA soundboards from their stash, now known as "The Lost Tunnel Redwood." We can't stress enough how rare these old-growth Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) sets are. They are expensive, but tonewood of this quality only comes along once in a great while. When our limited stock is gone, it might be gone forever. We have no idea if we can ever get more. 

Seasoned to perfection
Boswell, Mendel and team unearthed a true hidden treasure in the Lost Tunnel in rural Northern California. The tunnel support beams were crafted from giant Redwood logs cut over 150 years ago. Each massive log sat in the abandoned rail tunnel for generations until Boswell undertook the dangerous task of removing and hauling the massive sections to his shop.

Cut from fully mature trees, these are truly old growth or "first" growth pieces, the rarest on the market today. Quartersawn from split billets, each piece was hand-selected for the highest grade.

Minimum dimensions of each half:
8-1/4" x 21-1/4" x 0.155" (209.55mm x 539.75mm x 3.93mm)
Supplied bookmatched and unsanded.
Shown with an OM template, but large enough for a dreadnought.

Tonewood from another era
Each top is light and stiff, exactly what you've been searching for. The grain is tight and even edge to edge. The color is uniform and perfect, there's no odd streaking or color banding like you find in other Redwoods. The tap tone rings crisp and strong. These are the tops you'll use on your most special builds.

Every once in a while someone uncovers a "once in a generation" Redwood. First Craig and Alicia Carter found the famed Lucky Strike tree. Then came the Tunnel 13 and 14 woods. Now these Lost Tunnel Redwood sets are what we’ll be talking about for decades to come.


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California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm