Wild Grain East Indian Rosewood Joined Back + Bent Side Set for OM Guitar - 044

  • 101687|044
  • Dalbergia latifolia
  • Joined back, thickness sanded, bent sides
  • OM (Orchestra Model)



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Wild Grain East Indian Rosewood Joined Back + Bent Side Set for OM Guitar - 044

Ready to build now? This dynamic set comes with the back joined and shaped, and the sides profiled and bent! Building your dream custom OM has never been easier!

More and more builders have been requesting "wild grain" versions of prized East Indian Rosewood. We scoured the globe to get our hands on these amazingly beautiful and dramatic sets for your next build. Each set is completely unique with amazing combinations of color, grain, and movement. The guitar you build will truly be one-of-a-kind.

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Ready to build right out of the box—each piece is thickness sanded and ready for your final steps. The sides are accurately bent and profiled to the classic OM shape to match the shaped back, saving you hours of work. With our necks, tops, fingerboards, bridges, and more it's never been easier to craft the guitar of your dreams. 

Minimum back dimensions:
Upper bout: 11-5/8" (295mm)
Waist: 9-5/8" (244mm)
Lower bout: 15-3/8" (390mm)
Thickness: 0.115" (2.92mm)

Minimum side dimensions:
Length: 29-7/8" (758mm)
Narrow width: 3" (76mm)
Wide width: 3-7/8" (98mm)
Thickness: 0.078" (1.98mm)

East Indian Rosewood, Dalbergia latifolia
One of the first great alternatives to Brazilian Rosewood, East Indian Rosewood is versatile, powerful, and one of the most popular tonewoods of the past 40 years. Loved by flatpickers for its volume and booming low-end growl and by fingerpickers for its sparkling highs and distinct note separation, it can at times be precisely delicate and at others unapologetically thunderous.

Wild Grain East Indian Rosewood is visually stunning as well, with hues of chocolate brown commonly found alongside hints of gold, red and purple. All of this adds up to a tonewood that is dependably workable and audibly remarkable.

While East Indian Roswood works equally well by hand or by machine, the wild grain can make it more challenging to build with. Special care and handling during storage may be required along with more stringent humidity control in your shop. Extra clamping can also ease the build process. 


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