Flame Black Walnut Back + Side Set - 101

  • WJN4BT|101
  • Juglans nigra
  • Unsanded
  • Dreadnought
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Flame Black Walnut Back + Side Set - 101

Black Walnut is rich and even, with a naturally strong low-end.

    Minimum Dimensions
  • Back halves: 8-1/4" x 22" x 0.155" (210mm x 559mm x 3.9mm)
  • Sides: 5" x 31-1/2" x 0.130" (127mm x 800mm x 3.3mm)
Black Walnut, Juglans nigra
Found all throughout eastern United States, Black Walnut is one of the few North American species that can compete, both visually and tonally, with genuine mahogany. Black Walnut is generally medium brown to dark chocolate in color, often with hints of gray or purple. Its straight, even grain allows it to work very easily by hand or by machine and bends particularly easy. When present its sapwood is a smooth, pure white.

Many describe Black Walnut's tone as falling naturally between Rosewood and Mahogany. Walnut's low-end response is strong and closer to that of a Rosewood, while its mids and highs tend to be more organic and warm. Taken as a whole, Black Walnut offers many of the same benefits as the tropical hardwoods at a generally lower price point. Gorgeous, stable, and easy to work, it's no wonder this wood has become a popular choice for boutique builders and large factories alike.


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