Swamp Ash Paint-grade Body Blank

Swamp Ash Paint-grade Body Blank, 2-Piece
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Swamp Ash Paint-grade Body Blank

Quality Swamp Ash is rapidly disappearing, so we've been building our stash of this amazing sounding wood for our customers. Ready for routing and shaping, these blanks are ready for your custom build.

These blanks are paint-grade, some have a few minor imperfections (pin knots, color streaks, etc.) making them perfect for opaque finishes. They're expertly joined and thickness sanded—ready for bandsawing and routing in your shop.

Approximate dimensions:
20-1/2" x 13-3/4" x 1-3/4" (520.7mm x 349.25mm x 44.45mm)

About Swamp Ash
Swamp Ash (Fraxinus americana) is a classic wood for electric guitars. Since the 1950s, top builders like Fender have revered its iconic bold look and balanced tone. Well-suited for any style and pickup pairing, it does anything from country to metal with ease.

Tonally, Swamp Ash is highly resonant with very articulate note separation. Highs are clear but not harsh, midrange is strong and focused, and the low end doesn't get muddy or too dark. Commonly used to create instruments with a maple neck, however the versatility of Swamp Ash makes it easy to pair with any neck wood.

Swamp Ash is open-grained, and filler should be used to level the pores before applying a finish. A joy to work with—it cuts, sands, and glues well. While these bodies are perfect for an opaque finish, the strong grainlines can also be highlighted when filling and finishing for a dynamic and bold effect.

Get the right blank for your build
These blanks are ideal for making a solid body guitar with a solid, opaque finish. If you want to add a top, we also have thinner Swamp Ash blanks, making it easy to glue on your top and start shaping. Using a translucent finish? Check out these Swamp Ash Body Blanks which will look amazing with the grain showing through.

Want to choose your exact piece? We've also listed select pieces on WOODSTAX where you can choose the perfect wood for your build.

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