Shubb-Pearse Guitar Steel

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Shubb-Pearse Guitar Steel

Unique shape for better control! Stainless-steel slide is a favorite for resophonic and 6-string lap steel guitars.

Designed by musicians with the special demands of today's playing styles in mind, this SP2 model features cutaway ends for improved control of single notes and pulloffs. A favorite for resophonic and 6-string lap steel guitars, it's specially shaped for good balance, with extra mass for great tone.

Shubb-Pearse's unplated stainless steel resists nicks and scratches far better than a plated bar.
And if it ever should get a nick or scratch, it can be buffed out, unlike a plated bar.

No plating to wear off.
Any plated bar will wear down, and people end up replacing them. A stainless bar will remain as good as new indefinitely — outlasting a drawer full of worn out plated bars.

Double cutaway with semi bulleted tip, 2-7/8" length.
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