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Kluson 6-In-Line Supreme Series Tuners, Safeti Post

Kluson 6-In-Line Supreme Series Tuners, Safeti Post

Kluson 6-In-Line Supreme Series Tuners, Safeti Post Nickel


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Kluson 6-In-Line Supreme Series Tuners, Safeti Post Gold


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Kluson 6-In-Line Supreme Series Tuners, Safeti Post

About This Item

Kluson's top of the line no-mod Safeti Post tuner!

The Kluson Supreme series tuning machines have an 18:1 gear ratio in the traditional stamped steel housing. This particular set is designed for instruments using a 6-in-line (not plate mounted) tuning machine set with an upgraded gear ratio to original machines.

The housing bears the series name SUPREME in place of the original DELUXE moniker but this is the only hint to what lies hidden under the dust cover. Using all vintage specs these tuning machines will drop right into your instrument using the vintage 6 in line individual tuners with no modifications. The smooth and reliable performance of the Supreme Series outshines the rest in its class. This is a complete set and comes with 6 bass side tuning machines with metal oval buttons and all hardware needed for installation.

  • 18:1 gear ratio
  • 11/32" (8.8mm) peghole requirement
  • Press-fit bushings
  • 6-in-line mounting configuration
  • Set of 6 includes all mounting hardware

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2nd time around


Verified Buyer

I up graded to guitars with this Allison line, an LP (3x3) and a Jazzmaster (6 inline). The 18:1 gear ration is silky and precise, which is very import because both guitars have whammies and need quick precise adjustments. I enjoy the vintage vibe as well since the rest of my guitars have vintage tuners. I’ll be buying again.


Like the originals, only better!


Verified Buyer

Installed on a Fender Squire Affinity Stratocaster, using Stew Mac's 10mm bushings. Could be installed as-is, but my OCD told me to grind and polish a bit off the 6th string flange which hung over the neck-headstock transition by about 2mm.

Love the combination of vintage safety posts and fine-tuning ratio! Nice hourglass shape to the post helps keep her in tune when using the trem-bar.