Power Pins 2.0

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Power Pins 2.0

A new twist on old bridge pins
Power Pins 2.0 make it easier to restring your acoustic and can improve tone and sustain too!

Over time, string tension and improperly seated strings can really take their toll on a bridge pad. Chewed up holes and warped and bent pins can make a good guitar play and sound poorly.

No more wear and tear on your bridge plate
Power Pins 2.0 solves this problem instantly. The system has two important parts: the Power Plate and the Power Pins. The Power Plate spans the bridge plate and protects the string holes. The Power Pins screw through the bridge and secure the Power Plate in place.

Users have reported more sustain, better harmonic response, and more dynamic tone. The Power Pins also reduce the break angle of the strings behind the bridge, making playability easier.

Drop-in upgrade
Best of all, installing the Power Pins does no damage to your instrument! Every part is screwed together through the string holes of the bridge, no glue or any modification needed. If you want to install your original bridge pins, simply unscrew the system and you're back to stock.

Set of 6 Power Pins, Power Plate, and installation hardware.

Note: Fits string spacings between 2-1/8" and 2-1/4" (54mm and 57mm)

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm