Tone Claw Tremolo Spring Locking System

Tone Claw Tremolo Spring Locking System, Nickel
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Tone Claw Tremolo Spring Locking System, Brass
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Tone Claw Tremolo Spring Locking System

A massive upgrade to the tremolo spring claw. Neglected for years, now you can finally get better tone and performance from this vital piece of hardware.

Quality components such as the bridge, sustain block, and even the springs have an influence on the overall tone, sustain, and performance of your instrument. However, even in very high end guitars, the simple tremolo spring claw is usually just a stamped piece of cheap metal like tin. 

The spring claw is just as important in transferring the vibration of the strings and shaping the tone of your guitar—it's the last point of vibrational energy travels into the guitar body.

Unlock better tone and performance
CNC-machined from solid brass, the Tone Claw finally upgrades this crucial part of your guitar. The tremolo springs are looped around a form-fitting post, and then locked in place with a clamp. This ensures maximum vibration transfer, and results in better tone, increased sustain, and better tuning stability too.

And, it's easy to install—just swap it with your existing claw and you're ready to go. It even has a handy solder tab terminal to make soldering the ground connection much easier. It's a drop in upgrade to most guitars.

Mounts in the tremolo cavity, opposite from the tremolo block.

Includes claw, 4 springs, and mounting hardware. 

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm