TV Jones Ring Risers for EM2 Mounting Rings

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TV Jones Ring Risers for EM2 Mounting Rings

Get your Filter'Tron at the perfect height.
Far better than home-made shims, these risers will let you get optimal tone from your Filter'Trons.

Getting your Filter'Trons to the right height is a challenge. Since the rings are not tapered like traditional humbucker rings, sometimes you just can't get them close enough to the string to shape your tone. These custom-sized risers lift the pickup and the ring right where you need them.

Comes as a pack of three ring risers and eight longer screws for use with ring and ring riser. TV Jones recommends 1 riser for the neck position and 2 for the bridge position. For use with TV Jones EM2 Gretsch-style Mounting Rings.

Includes mounting screws.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm