Schaller Signum Bridge

Schaller Signum Bridge, Chrome
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Schaller Signum Bridge, Nickel
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Schaller Signum Bridge, Gold
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Schaller Signum Bridge

Better sound, playability and looks
This beautiful wrap-tail bridge is smoothly comfortable, with precise intonation and locking posts for great tone.

Locked for tone
Locking posts couple the bridge to the guitar body for rich dynamics, overtones and sustain. The height-adjustable posts fit flat or archtop solidbodies. A low-profile wrench is included for tightening.

Shaped for playability
The sculpted shape is smooth and comfortable under your picking hand. Strings load at the front and wrap over the back onto the notched saddles. String ball-ends are held in square recesses that keep them from turning and untwisting.

Two Allen screws adjust the overall intonation, and each saddle fine-tunes individually, with 9mm of travel. Use an 11mm drill bit to install the bushings.

  • Height-adjustable locking posts
  • High quality knurled bushings
  • Slim, offset design locking wrench
  • Allen wrench for general intonation
  • Intonation screws in 2 different lengths
  • String spread 2-1/16"
  • Saddle radius 12"
  • Post spacing 3-1/4"
  • Post threads M8 x 1.25

Die-cast zinc with machined brass saddles.

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