Vibramate Spoiler

Vibramate Spoiler, Stainless
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Vibramate Spoiler

The easy way to restring your Bigsby! The Spoiler™ is brilliant: this simple bracket makes string changes a no-brainer.

Just slip it in place—no tools, no modifications—and install your strings in the Spoiler's notches in seconds. It's held solidly by string tension under pitch. No more wrapping the strings around the roller bar; no kinking the ends to fit over those little pins. A tremendous time-saver. Paul Bigsby would have loved this!

The Spoiler is designed to maintain the smoothness and feel of the Bigsby's vibrato action, and has a tasteful "factory installed" look. It's made of polished high grade stainless steel for durability and tone, and fits any Bigsby.

Made in USA by the makers of Vibramate™ no-drill adapters for Bigsby vibratos.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm