Contoured Neck Mounting Plate For Fender

Contoured Neck Mounting Plate For Fender, Chrome, with screws
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Contoured Neck Mounting Plate For Fender, Nickel, with screws
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Contoured Neck Mounting Plate For Fender, Black, with screws
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Contoured Neck Mounting Plate For Fender, Gold, with screws
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Contoured Neck Mounting Plate for Fender

Build your own Deluxe Fender
A perfect match for Fender Deluxe bodies, these contoured neck mounting plates make it easy to upgrade your build in style.

With just the simple shaping of the traditional neck heel, a bolt-on neck guitar is so much more comfortable to play. On Fender's Deluxe Strat and Tele bodies, the sculpted and contoured shape makes it easy to reach even the highest frets. But there's a problem: when modding or building you need a custom neck plate.

These contoured neck mounting plates fit the contoured Fender heel exactly—it's a drop-in replacement. From building a Partscaster to modding your stock guitar, these plates make upgrading a breeze.


  • Plate dimensions: 2" x 1-3/8" (contoured side), 2" x 2-1/2" (standard side) (50.8mm x 35mm, 50.8mm x 63.5mm)
  • Mounting hole spacing: 2" x 1" (contoured side), 2" x 1-1/2" (standard side) (50.8mm x 25.4mm, 50.8mm x 38.1mm)
  • Screws (4 included): 1-3/4" (44.45mm) Phillips ovalhead
  • Thickness 5/64" (1.98mm)

If you're using an undrilled neck or body, we recommend drilling 1/8" (3.00mm) diameter holes in the neck, and 3/16" (4.75mm) diameter holes in the body. When using a pre-drilled Fender neck, you will have to locate and drill the offset hole.

Looking for a neck? We have finished necks from Fender and Mighty Mite, and torrified, figured, and birdseye neck blanks that are ready for you to build your dream guitar.

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