Five-Star Archtop Banjo Tone Ring

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Five-Star Archtop Banjo Tone Ring

Now with 40 holes, just like the 1920s originals. The raised inner profile of the archtop tone ring results in a slightly smaller banjo head vibrational area.

This delivers a piercing tone with extra snap: the signature Stanley bluegrass sound, and brilliant 4-string jazz rhythm. Machined from cast bronze alloy, with 11"-diameter Mastertone archtop dimensions. Nickel plated.

Five-Star tone rings have powered professional-grade banjos for nearly 40 years. They are unsurpassed for traditional tone and volume.

A tone ring should fit the wood rim well for optimum sound. Measure the tone ring with a dial caliper before lathe-turning your wood rim.

An archtop tone ring is not directly interchangeable with a flathead ring. The archtop requires a taller wood rim profile.

A low or medium crown banjo head is required for this tone ring.
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