Five-Star Bluegrass Banjo Pot

Five-Star Bluegrass Banjo Pot Item # 0931
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Five-Star Bluegrass Banjo Pot

Clear, clean tone for hard-driving bluegrass! The heart of the bluegrass banjo, delivering solid traditional sound with clarity and plenty of punch.

Our high quality rim outfit has been a favorite of professional banjomakers for many years.

A traditional one-piece cast alloy resonator flange, and our 11"-diameter bronze Five-Star flathead tone ring, are hand-fitted to a high quality 3-ply maple rim. Bracket hooks, hex nuts with wrench, and a notched brass tension hoop complete the outfit.

All metal parts are nickel-plated and the wood rim is ready for finishing. This traditional Mastertone-style pot fits our bluegrass banjo neck. Banjo head is not included.

Fitted with a Five-Star, flathead, bell-bronze tone ring for a deep crisp powerful tone at lower frets, with great clarity at higher positions.
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