Schertler Guitar Tuning Keys for Slotted Pegheads

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Schertler Guitar Tuning Keys for Slotted Pegheads

Swiss design and distinctive look! High quality open-gear tuners for 3-left/3-right steel-string guitars.

Schertler machines are precisely engineered with 18:1 gear ratio, nylon worm post bearings in a compact zinc base, and adjustable knob tension. The result is impressively smooth and accurate operation. All models feature genuine polished ebony knobs fitted with steel internal shaft bushings for durability, and eye-catching unplated brass crown gears.

Also available for solid peghead steel string and classical guitars.

18:1 gear ratio
3-left/3-right with mounting screws
Removable ebony knobs
.236" (6mm) string post diameter

Installation Tips

Mounting screws: Pilot holes required. Installing delicate screws into hard wood requires great care and accuracy. We highly recommend the #1712 Depth-stop Drill Bit (5/64" bit) for the pilot hole before installing these screws. Lubricate the screw threads with cutting lubricant (also wax or a bar of soap) to reduce friction and help them thread properly.

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