Truss Rod Wrench for Fender

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Truss Rod Wrench for Fender

Goodbye screwdriver!
Our special flatblade wrench won't mar Fender truss rod nuts.

Dig through your tools for a screwdriver that's the right width for a Fender truss rod nut, and the blade is usually too thick to fit. Find one that's the right thickness, and it's usually the wrong width and just chews up the slot. Our special flatblade wrench has the right size and taper to adjust a traditional Fender truss rod efficiently, without marring the nut. Save your screwdriver for more appropriate jobs!

Overall length 10-3/4" (27.31cm)
3/8" blade width (9.52mm)

Our veteran guitar technicians developed this high quality steel truss rod wrench. The length, comfortable rubberized handle, durability and size let you perform truss rod adjustments more efficiently.

This tool is available in our money-saving Truss Rod Wrench Set.
California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm