Hex Truss Rod Wrenches

Hex Truss Rod Wrenches, For 1/4" nut
For 1/4" nut Item # 6101 In stock, ready to ship!
Hex Truss Rod Wrenches, For 9/32" nut
For 9/32" nut Item # 6102 In stock, ready to ship!
Hex Truss Rod Wrenches, For 5/16" nut
For 5/16" nut Item # 6103 In stock, ready to ship!
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Hex Truss Rod Wrenches

Heavy-duty wrenches for hex truss rod nuts, including the familiar 5/16" Gibson® rod. 10-3/4" (27.31cm) overall length keeps your knuckles safely away from the peghead.

Our veteran guitar technicians developed these high quality steel truss rod wrenches for the repair shop. The length, comfortable rubberized handles, durability, and variety of sizes let you perform truss rod adjustments efficiently.

Not all truss rod cavities are the same width. Make sure the wrench will fit your cavity by comparing the outer diameter of the wrench barrel to your guitar.

Wrench Outer diameter
#6101 For 1/4" nut 0.390" (9.91mm)
#6102 For 9/32" nut 0.410" (10.41mm)
#6103 For 5/16" nut 0.440" (11.18mm)

These tools are available in our money-saving Truss Rod Wrench Set.
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