Center-Locating Transfer Punch

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Center-Locating Transfer Punch

Find where to drill fast
Need to accurately mark a bridge or neck screw location? This transfer punch will find the center fast.

Drilling accurate holes is extremely important for instrument building and repair. When you need to drill neck attachment screw holes, bridge and tailpiece locations, and even pickguard screws, you can't afford to be even just a little off.

That's where this transfer punch comes in. The slim 1/8" diameter fits through most holes and the sharp tip instantly marks the center, showing exactly where you need to start drilling. Don't ever eyeball an important screw location again!

This is a must-have when working with templates, plans, and more. It's a little insurance to get the job done right.

Length: 5" (127mm)
Diameter: 1/8" (3.17mm)

Made of tool steel with smooth sides.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm