Spiral Peghole Reamers

Spiral Peghole Reamers, Spiral Peghole Reamer
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Spiral Peghole Reamers

The safest reamer you've ever used
These spiral reamers cut accurately with less stress on delicate pegheads, making it easy to dial in the perfect size hole for guitar tuners, violin/viola pegs, and more.

We use reamers every day in our shops. Whether it's enlarging tuner holes, installing friction pegs, or installing control pots in bodies and pickguards, a high quality reamer is a must-have tool.

We really like these special spiral peghole reamers for delicate work. The smooth cut and shape puts less stress on pegheads and pegboxes, which can crack and split with too much force. We also find these cut a more uniform hole size with cleaner edges compared to traditional straight fluted reamers. The semi-fluted design keeps the reamer centered so the hole stays truly round—essential for tuning pegs!

The right size for instrument work
The 2-degree taper matches the tuning pegs on full-size violins, violas, banjos, and dulcimers Unlike bulky hardware store reamers, these are the right size and have the tight tolerances needed for working on instruments.


  • Easy to use
  • Smooth control with no chatter
  • Cuts holes perfectly round
  • Cuts harder woods with less pressure
  • Made of durable high-speed steel
  • Clockwise cut with left hand spiral

For reaming for bridge pins and endpins, see our endpin reamer.

2-degree Taper: 0.200" to 0.375" (5mm to 9.5mm)
Cutting Length: 5.63" (143mm)

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm