Tuner Pin Drill Jig

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Tuner Pin Drill Jig

Aligns your hand drill for accurate tuning machine mounting pin holes.

This anodized aluminum jig accurately locates mounting pin holes in the back of a guitar headstock. Use it before drilling for the alignment pins found on many modern enclosed tuning machines. These tuners don't use the traditional exposed tuner mounting screw, but rather a hidden pin on the underside of the tuner housing.

It keeps your hand drill perpendicular for accuracy, and works for left or right-side tuners. You can position single-pin Schaller tuners, two-pin Schallers, one-pin Sperzels, and Fender locking tuners. The jig fits into the peghole with a self-centering bushing and thumbscrew for quick and easy attachment. Instructions included.

This jig is designed for use with a No. 38 (.101") drill bit for all holes except for the Schaller M6 two pin, which requires a No. 42 (.093") or 3/32" (.094") drill bit. Measure the height of the alignment pins on your tuners and drill the holes to the appropriate depth.
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