Mandolin Tuner Drill Jig

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Mandolin Tuner Drill Jig

Aligns pegholes for trouble-free tuning. Tuning problems are often the result of misaligned pegholes. Our jig ensures the correct spacing.

When mandolin tuners are not installed precisely, they do not perform well. Even a slight misalignment in drilling the holes will prevent the string posts from turning freely.

Our jig for drilling 1/4"-diameter pegholes ensures the correct positioning of the string posts, and keeps your hand drill properly aligned. This is essential for new instruments and also for redrilling existing pegheads.

String post spacing
For accurately spacing these
mandolin tuning machines
Standard spacing
29/32" (.906")
Waverly, Schaller, Gotoh,
Grover, and Golden Age

Made of machined steel for a lifetime of use and specially coated to resist corrosion. Each jig includes two steel transfer pins, two steel alignment pins and instructions.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm