Lightweight Soundhole Clamps

Lightweight Soundhole Clamps, 4" Throat Depth
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Lightweight Soundhole Clamps, 5" Throat Depth
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Lightweight Soundhole Clamps, 6" Throat Depth
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Lightweight Soundhole Clamps

21st century design for 19th century technology
We embraced new materials to make the lightest AND strongest soundhole clamps ever.

Lightweight and ultra strong
These clamps are made of glass fiber Vydyne®(an extremely strong automotive resin) that helps reduce weight and increase rigidity. They're also made in the USA.

If you're wondering if they're as strong as their metal cousins, you're in for a treat. They deliver tons of clamping pressure right where you need it with no twist or flex.

The large, easy to grip thumbscrew gets to work fast for time sensitive repairs, essential when using quick-setting hot hide glue. You have fingertip control for the exact amount of pressure you need. Self-leveling feet quickly get a grip on any surface.

Dent-free performance
Our Soundhole Clamp Cauls snap onto the feet to evenly distribute pressure, making it less likely to cause dents on bridge pads and braces. The clamps have softened edges, no hard corners, and a smooth overall finish—you're less likely to damage guitar tops with the slightest bump like you can with metal clamps.

Advanced shape for guitar work
Each clamp opens 2" wide and moves in and out of the soundhole easily, and we designed a new wedge shape that lets you put them closer together for more pressure—perfect for re-gluing a bridge or a loose brace.

Versatile sizes for any job
The 4" clamp is ideal for tenor and baritone ukulele bridges or cracks, the 5" clamp is the right length for gluing bridges, and the 6" is perfect for gluing braces, soundboard cracks, and more.

  • Self-leveling feet conform to uneven surfaces
  • Scratch-free smooth edges
  • Ultra-strong and lightweight glass fiber
  • Easy to move in and out of the soundhole
  • Made in the USA
  • Max. opening: 2" (50mm)
  • 4" throat depth x 11/16" wide spine (101mm x 17.5mm)
  • 5" throat depth x 11/16" wide spine (127mm x 17.5mm)
  • 6" throat depth x 1" wide spine (152mm x 25.4mm)
California Proposition 65 Warning
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