Tuner Bushing Press

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Tuner Bushing Press

Don't use a hammer!
Use this press for damage-free bushing installation and removal.

A fine instrument deserves care—our Tuner Bushing Press is the right tool for installing press-fit tuner bushings. Its steady controlled pressure helps protect the peghead finish, for a clean, professional looking job. It removes the bushings too, even stubborn bushings in counterbored pegholes.


  • See-through protective sleeve for bushing removal (no working blindly)
  • Clear protective peghead caul works with multiple bushing sizes

This convenient handheld tool was developed by Todd Sams here in our shop, and works with most major brands of guitar and mandolin tuning machines.

Best of all, it removes the bushings too!
Even stubborn bushings in counterbored pegholes can be removed easily and without damage, thanks to an adjustable expanding pin that grips the bushing from the inside.

Protects against serious peghead damage
As tight-fitting bushings come out of the peghead face, they often cause chips of dry wood and lacquer to pop up around the peghole. This is a well-known problem, and our Bushing Press protects against it in two ways:
1. Bushings are eased out gradually, without hammering.
2. We provide a clear protective caul that surrounds bushings up to 1/2" in diameter on the peghead face, holding the finish down as the bushing slides out.

Included with the Tuner Bushing Press:

  • Brass pins for installing and removing bushings
  • Caul for protecting the peghead face
  • Allen wrench
  • Instructions
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