Nut Seating Files

Nut Seating Files, For 1/8" wide nut
For 1/8" wide nut Item # 5055 In stock, ready to ship!
Nut Seating Files, For 3/16" wide nut
For 3/16" wide nut Item # 5056 In stock, ready to ship!
Nut Seating Files, For 1/4" wide nut
For 1/4" wide nut Item # 5057 In stock, ready to ship!
Nut Seating Files, Set of 3
Set of 3 Item # 5060 In stock, ready to ship!
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Nut Seating Files

Sturdy files for cleaning and squaring nut mounting surfaces.

Two cutting edges: Each file has a medium and fine cutting surfaces. They file only the bottom of the slot, leaving the side walls unscarred.

Quality steel tool with rubber-coated handle.
Each file is 7-3/8" (187mm) long, with 4" (101mm) cutting surface.

To keep the file from binding in the slot, we have designed these files to be slightly narrower than the nut size specified. An undersized file also helps to prevent widening the slot width—ensuring a snug fit for your nut.

#5055 For 1/8" (3.18mm) wide nut
Works for Fender® guitars and basses.

#5056 For 3/16" (4.76mm) wide nut
Works for Gibson® guitars, basses, banjos, and mandolins.

#5057 For 1/4" (6.35mm) wide nut
Works for classical and Dobro® guitars.

Installing an angled bottom nut? Check out this Angled Nut Seating File that has exactly the right shape to make this tricky job easy.

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