Nut Rescue Powder

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Nut Rescue Powder

Don't make a new nut just to fix a low slot—fill it!
Nut Rescue lubricated powder makes it easy to stop the buzzes from a low nut slot forever.

Fix or replace?
One option for fixing a low slot is replacing the nut completely, but this isn't always ideal. Replacing the original nut on a vintage guitar can hurt its value and lead to finish chipping around the fretboard or headplate. And making a new nut can be too expensive for some customers. In these common situations, the best fix is to fill and recut the problem slots.

The perfect match and more
Some shops use ground bone or baking soda to fill a low nut slot, but it's hard to match the color and patina with homemade fillers. Other fillers can leave the slot rough, causing tuning and playability issues. That's where Nut Rescue really saves the day.

Ultra-smooth glide and easy application
Designed by the hardworking techs in Joe Glaser's shop, Music City Bridge, the Nut Rescue Powder makes it easy and fast to get rid of those awful buzzes. The ultra-fine powder is easy to pack into any nut slot and stays put. The special recipe has built-in lubrication, letting the string glide through the slot like it should. This set includes 3 different colors to easily match a variety of nut materials.

The cream powder matches natural bone, ivory, and Tusq. The bright white powder matches modern bleached bone and corian. The black powder matches Tusq, ebony, and buffalo. The included specialized applicator tool makes it easy to measure and apply just what you need.

How to fill the slot
Protect the finish with Low-tack Tape. Clean out the low slot with a nut slotting file. Use the small applicator to fill the slot and then gently tamp it down. Apply a drop of thin super glue, but be careful—it only takes a little! Give the glue some time to cure, then file the new slot.

Nut Rescue is one of those shop shortcuts it pays to have on your bench. Each little bottle lasts a LONG time.


  • Ultra-fine, packable powder
  • Built-in lubrication with no discoloration
  • Fast, durable, and permanent repair
  • Keeps vintage guitars original
  • Three colors to match any nut

Set includes three 5 ml bottles (cream, white, and black) and special applicator.

Nut Rescue Powder is protected by US Patent#: 11643614.

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