Nut and Saddle Sander

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Nut and Saddle Sander

Perfectly square nuts and saddles in seconds
For solid contact and good tone, the bottom of a nut or saddle must be squared up. This "vise on wheels" is the fastest, surest way to do this.

Solves the tone trouble caused by poor fit
Hand-sanding a nut or saddle, it's hard not to tilt it one direction or the other. The result is a poor fit in the slot—always a tone problem, but especially with undersaddle pickups.

The Nut and Saddle Sander holds the nut or saddle perfectly vertical while you roll it over sandpaper on a flat surface. Adjustment screws set the amount you want to remove, and in moments the piece is squared up and truly flat.

"This takes the guesswork out of squaring up for a perfect fit. More accurate and faster, a win-win!"
—Matt Brooker, guitar repairman and StewMac tech advisor

  • Aluminum body with steel ball bearing rollers
  • Works with any nut/saddle material up to 3-1/4" x 3/8" (82mm x 10mm)

Watch our videos: Erick Coleman shows how he uses this tool. Roberto Fontanot, inventor of the Nut and Saddle Sander, demonstrates from his shop in Italy.

    How to use the Nut and Saddle Sander
  • Use Stikit sandpaper on a flat surface.
  • Tighten the nut or saddle in the spring-loaded jaw. To hold a nut, remove the inner spring tensioner.
  • There are two sets of holes for the height adjusters: close for nuts, wide for saddles.
  • Each mark on the height-adjusters equals approximately one tenth of a millimeter.
  • When the wheels start turning, you’ve reached your preset height, and milled the nut or saddle flat.

The Nut & Saddle Sander is created by Roberto Fontanot of Heart Sound, an Italian company specializing in acoustic amplification. Roberto has worked with leading artists including Tommy Emmanuel and Steve Vai, and is now in charge of Research and Development at Eko Guitars.

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