Maple Acoustic Guitar Neck Shims - Set of 10

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Maple Acoustic Guitar Neck Shims - Set of 10

Perfect shims for a perfect neck fit
Fitting an acoustic guitar neck into a dovetail joint is precise work. Many times you need to shim a loose side of a dovetail when fitting the neck. This wafer thin shim stock is well made for a clean fit, and is just large enough to create a taper or wedge. Making shims this thin by hand is difficult and takes time.

Unlimited uses in a busy shop
We found this size has million uses around the shop—from shimming a saddle, to getting jigs just right, you never know when you'll need that little "extra" to solve a problem.

Maple shim stock is a problem solver in a busy repair shop!

Sold as a set of 10 shims.

Dimensions: Each shim is a 2" x 5" rectangle, approximately 0.022" (0.55mm) thick"

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm