StewMac Super Glue Caddy

StewMac Super Glue Caddy, Caddy Only
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StewMac Super Glue Caddy, Complete Set
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StewMac Super Glue Caddy

Never spill again! Securely hold glues, whip tips, and pipettes
When working with super glues, you need to work quickly! Super glue will bond instantly to skin and wood, so having everything you need in a secure, easy to reach area is extremely important for clean and safe work.

This handy little tray holds our super glue bottles and gluing tools—whip tips, pipettes, drop-fill toothpicks (and more) solidly. Everything is together, easy to use during repairs, and convenient to carry from one bench to another.

All the tools you need, ready for fast and clean work
Your glue bottles and partially-filled pipettes are held upright, so they won't tip over. You can finally keep them from making a mess of your workbench, floor, and guitar finishes.

Guitarmaker and StewMac tech Todd Sams created this caddy for his own workbench. Dan Erlewine asked for one, and customers love them too!

Save when you buy a professional setup
We now offer a full Super Glue Caddy Set, which comes with the caddy, glue, accelerator, and all the tools you need for any glue job or drop fills that come into your shop.

We've discounted the set so you can get professional glue results now!

#4760 Caddy Only
Size: 6" (152mm) diameter
Computer-machined from durable MDF board.

Keep all your glues organized and ready to use!

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm