Miracle Polishing Cloth

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Miracle Polishing Cloth

Clean every part of your guitar...at the same time!
This polishing cloth does it all—cleans frets, conditions the fretboard, gets the grime off hardware, and polishes finishes in one step.

We're always on the lookout for a better way to get rid of the dirt and gunk that builds up on our instruments. It's harder than it sounds, since metal, wood, and finish usually don't play nice with the same cleaners. We were skeptical of the Miracle Polishing Cloth until it replaced nearly all the other products we used!

We use it to clean and condition the fretboard and polish the frets at the same time, now we're done in half the time. The cloth is durable and lets you scrub all the dirt away, with no mess or dripping chemicals all over your guitar. It cleans and conditions acoustic bridges too.

Conditioning your fretboard is important: your guitar will play fast and smooth, and you'll prevent cracking and fret sprout in dry winter months.

Got a really dirty guitar?
If you've got dirt, grime, sticker residue, or other mysterious film on your guitar, this is the solution. The Miracle Polishing Cloth is safe for all instrument finishes, and gently removes even the toughest gunk.

It's also an amazing hardware cleaner. The cloth polishes chrome and nickel without the danger of scratching the plating like more aggressive cleaners can. It even removes rust!

And it's easy to use. The cloth is pretreated with the miracle cleaner and coconut oil. Use it to clean your instrument, then follow with a dry cloth—seriously, that's it! The large 6" x 9" cloth can be reused countless times (154.2mm x 228.6mm). 

"I've been using this stuff for years, it's replaced several other products in my shop. Smells great too!"—Evan Gluck, guitar repairman.

Not just for guitars! It also shines lacquered brass instruments, cymbals, and can even get rosin stains off violins.

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