Spray Gun Cleaning Kit

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Spray Gun Cleaning Kit

Clean gun = Better finish!
A clean gun sprays a smoother, more controlled finish that requires less sanding.

Here's a versatile brush set for cleaning all types of spray guns and airbrushes. Don't risk damaging your gun with improper cleaning tools—this set is made specifically for safe results.

Order an extra set for cleaning guitar hardware and tools, too!

• 17 brushes
• Great for siphon-feed, gravity-feed, HVLP and pressure spray guns and airbrushes

Remember to clean the air cap, fluid nozzle, needle, cup, siphon tube, lid and gasket after every job. Recommended solvents for cleaning your equipment:

UseFor cleaning
Lacquer thinnerNitrocellulose finish
Denatured alcoholShellac
Hot waterWaterbase finish
California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm