StewMac Soldering Aids

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StewMac Soldering Aids

Move and hold parts while soldering
Hooks, holders, brushes and benders that fit where your fingers won't. There's even a tiny reamer to clean away old solder.

    12 tips to hold and manipulate parts while soldering:
  • Curved hooks for pressing together or pulling apart
  • Spade and forked tips to hold parts down
  • Angled and straight points to move tiny parts
  • Slotted tip holds wires and bends right angles
  • Reamer for clearing out holes and soldering lugs
  • Steel and brass brushes for cleaning

"This set is for soldering, but these tools will find lots of other jobs in your shop."
—Erick Coleman, Repairman and StewMac Tech Advisor

7" long (178mm), with insulated anti-static handles.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm