Helping Hands Soldering Holder

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Helping Hands Soldering Holder

Get a solid grip when soldering!
This ultra-helpful tool makes it easy to hold components in place for safe and clean soldering. It's the third hand you've always needed.

Soldering small components in guitars, amps, and pedals can be tricky. You need one hand to hold the solder and one hand to hold the iron, but what holds the work steady? That's where the Helping Hands comes in.

The two alligator clips securely hold pots, capacitors, switches, and wire, so you can focus on making quality connections. With your parts held in place you're also less likely to burn yourself or drop hot solder on a guitar.

There's even a magnifying glass to help see the tiny markings on circuit boards, and the base is heavy to make sure it won't tip when you're making your connections. And, it’s for more than just soldering—we've also used them for gluing, holding small parts steady, and a whole lot more.

  • Two alligator clips that move and stay in any position
  • 2x magnifying glass moves in any direction
  • Heavy base hold parts steady

Getting serious about soldering?
These helping hands are perfect for little jobs, but if you're working on amps and pedals, check out the Solder Monster and PCB Holder. They make bigger projects easier and safer too!

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm