Schatten Automatic Pickup Winder Traverse

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Schatten Automatic Pickup Winder Traverse

Winding pickups can be tricky, especially when you're new or replicating a vintage example. It's hard to track all the details like speed, number of winds, and tension all while trying to keep the winding even. The Schatten Automatic Pickup Winder Traverse makes it easier than ever to get consistent, repeatable results on every pickup you wind.

It's a hands-free tensioner for delicate pickup wire, but that's just the start! This problem-solver automatically moves the wire across the bobbin for a precise and consistent wind. Pickups come out wound to perfection in no time at all.

It's also fully programmable: set the left and right limits for the bobbin size, set your speed, and watch it go! You no longer have to watch and fiddle with every turn. If you're making multiple pickups or calibrated sets it's a real timesaver. Just secure it to the table with your winder and you're ready to produce flawless pickups over and over again. It's the perfect addition to your Schatten or Mojotone pickup winder!


  • Adjustable to fit most bobbin sizes
  • Automatically sweeps for smooth, clean winds
  • Includes tensioner for added consistency
  • Fully programmable for repeatable pickup builds
  • Designed for 42 to 44 gauge pickup wire

Domestic version includes 110-volt, 50Hz AC adapter.
International version includes a 90-volt to 264-volt, 60Hz AC wall converter with US and UK adapters.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm
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