Thompson Top Crack Corrector

Thompson Top Crack Corrector
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Thompson Top Crack Corrector, Blank Cauls, set of 3
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Thompson Top Crack Corrector

Repair system for cracked guitar tops
A matched set of clear Lexan cauls loaded with magnets. The interior caul holds a featherweight wooden cleat while the exterior caul pulls it into place over the crack. The magnets hold everything together while you apply clamps.

Repair delicate guitar tops the T.J. Thompson way
T.J. Thompson is famous for restoring the most valuable vintage Martins. To get his exacting results, T.J. makes himself some great tools. We're glad that he shares them with us.

T.J.'s patching cleats are very thin and light, with the grain oriented to make them strong. Spruce cleats are provided in the kit; extra cleats are available in spruce, rosewood and mahogany.

The exterior caul has a scribed centerline to align over the crack. Since the cauls are clear Lexan, it's easy to see this alignment.

The interior cauls are notched to fit over the advanced X-braces on pre-war Martins. We include two blank cauls so you can cut notches to fit other configurations (additional cauls available). Magnets hold the interior/exterior cauls together through the guitar top.

The interior caul is grooved to hold the glued patching cleat. With the magnets holding everything in place, you have both hands free to apply soundhole clamps.

Thompson Top Crack Corrector includes:

  • 1 exterior caul with magnets
  • 3 notched interior cauls with magnets
  • 2 blank interior cauls: one with inset magnets and one without
  • 3 extra magnets
  • 5 spruce cleats

Blank Cauls are a set of 3 blank interior cauls with inset magnets. Make your own custom cauls to fit your needs.

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