Thompson Brace Gluing Cauls

Thompson Brace Gluing Cauls Item # 4609
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Thompson Brace Gluing Cauls

Don't crunch delicate braces when gluing
Gluing a loose brace means clamping, and many clamps don't fit well on delicate curved braces. The clamp slips off or leaves a crunch mark on the brace.

T.J. Thompson's glue-resistant nylon cauls fix this problem. They fit over the brace, protecting it from the clamp and evenly spreading the pressure. Inside, the cauls are shaped with an arch to match scalloped guitar braces.

Set of two brace cauls: narrow and wide to fit any brace you're gluing. In most cases, they fit snugly enough to stay in place while you bring in your soundhole clamp.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm