String Ferrule Installation Tool

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String Ferrule Installation Tool

Use with your drill press for clean, pro-quality installation of string ferrules.

Press string ferrules quickly, with real control so they fit exactly flush with the surface of the guitar. Your drill press or arbor press makes the job fast and easy.

Two installers in one.
One end of this installation tool fits the large ferrules that hold string ball ends on the back of a guitar. The other end of the tool fits the mini string-thru ferrules used on the tops of some guitars.

Each end of the tool has an index pin that aligns the ferrule and keeps it square to the guitar body during installation. Press-fitting gives you careful control, much less risky than trying to tap ferrules in with a hammer!

The instructors at Sinclair Community College came to us with this fine tool after watching their students struggle to install ferrules. Now you can install ferrules as easily as their students do. Thanks, S.C.C.!

Works with our Guitar String Ferrules, both flush-fit and flanged versions, and our String-thru Top Ferrules.

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