Rubber Clamping Bands

Rubber Clamping Bands, Narrow, 1lb pack of 15
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Rubber Clamping Bands, Wide, 1lb pack of 5
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Rubber Clamping Bands

These giant rubber bands are simple, form-fitting clamps for gluing bindings and fingerboards.

Narrow bands are favorites for holding bindings in place while the glue dries. Use them cut or uncut. One pack is more than enough to bind a complete acoustic guitar body.
1 pound pack of 15 bands, 1/4" wide x 80" long.

Wide bands are a heavier version we like for gluing a fingerboard to a neck without setting up cumbersome clamps and cauls. Pulling equally from both sides, they help to center the fingerboard on the neck. Wrap them as tightly as you need; these bands are plenty strong. One band is all it takes to glue a fingerboard to the neck.
1 pound pack of 5 bands, 3/4" wide by 84" long.

Colors may vary.

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