Super-Soft 2 Veneer Softener

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Super-Soft 2 Veneer Softener

Our secret weapon for acoustic guitar side bending. For some woods water is not enough to get the sides to bend smoothly. That's when we reach for Super-Soft 2 Veneer Softener.

Super-Soft 2 temporarily plasticizes the wood cells, without leaving any residue or odor. This helps prevent cracks and splits, making it ideal for bending the curves of guitars, ukuleles, and more. And it has no effect on gluing, staining, or finishing. If you are new to side bending, this is a huge help!

Just spray it on like water and follow your normal bending process. We've had great results with many species—it makes any bend easier. Any discoloration can be removed with light sanding.

1-quart spray bottle.

California Proposition 65 Warning
Cancer and Reproductive Harm