HeatStick + Soldering Iron Neck Removal Set

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HeatStick + Soldering Iron Neck Removal Set

Removing a neck in a busy shop? Use the HeatStick Set
This HeatStick Set has everything you need to remove a neck without steam. Get the set and be ready for the job!

In our shops, our soldering stations and irons are always in use. That's why we've made sets with the HeatStick and a soldering iron so you'll have a dedicated neck removal set.

The HeatStick + Soldering Iron Neck Removal Set includes:

HeatStick Also sold separately
The revolutionary HeatStick softens glue without blushing delicate finishes or loosening the neck block or braces like steam can. It's easy to control, and can be used for acoustic and electric guitars and mandolins. The HeatStick is 6" of solid copper and includes two bits for drilling the pilot and access holes through the fretboard.

Solomon SR-965 Soldering Iron Also sold separately
The HeatStick fits into this iron just like a replacement soldering tip. The iron heats up to 400 degrees fast and is extremely consistent. The handle is comfortable and the smaller sizes makes it easy to maneuver during this tricky job.

It's also our favorite soldering iron! The stainless steel shank is a step above other soldering irons, and the cushioned grip makes it easy to get the right amount of heat exactly where you need it.

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