Wood Prep Sandpaper Set

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Wood Prep Sandpaper Set

A great finish starts with proper wood prep
Get your body perfectly level for a stunning finish and great looking guitar.

When you are making a body or assembling a kit, sanding is one of the most important parts of the build. Using the right grits at the right time will ensure your finish will go on smooth and look professional too.

The Wood Prep Sandpaper Set includes:

3M Gold Fre-Cut Sandpaper Also sold separately
Long lasting and uniform sandpaper—it's what we use in our own shops! The aluminum oxide abrasive cuts fast and resists clogging, and is treated to help prevent "fisheyes" (cratering) in waterbase finishes. The grits are graded on the "P-scale", meaning the grits are uniform in size and won't leave uneven scratches that low quality sandpapers can. You'll completely sand a body from start to finish with this set of 8 sheets, 2 of each grit: 150, 220, 320, and 400.

Micro-Mesh Foam Sanding Block Also sold separately
This flexible block has some "give" to get into cutaways, headstock curves, and other hard to reach areas.

Sanding Block for Self-adhesive Sandpaper Also sold separately
Get a perfectly level, flat surface using this dense block. The slick side is great for attaching sandpaper with double stick tape so you won't have any corners to scratch the surface.

After sanding and finishing, get a high gloss shine with a polishing set.

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